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Founded in 1941, Gro Alliance has a proud history of providing high quality seed and specialty crop production and has consistently exceeded the expectations of some of the most demanding companies and organizations in the world.  With its diverse production history, Gro Alliance is an ideal partner for your ag supply chain, no matter the size or complexity.  Gro Alliance has a history of diverse crop production including GMO and non-GMO corn and soybean seed, organic corn, food grade soybeans and yellow, white, blue and red specialty corn grain and seed.

Gro Alliance accesses production areas in Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan which includes a broad range of soil types, climates and growing conditions to meet your needs. Much of the land that Gro Alliance accesses is owned or directly controlled by the third generation family farm, Schweigert Family Farms.  

Gro Alliance also seeks to develop partnerships and win-win relationships with its clients and has expertise in product sourcing, market development, business strategy and relationship building.

Please take a few moments to browse our website and see how Gro Alliance’s diverse expertise can support your business.

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