Breeder Direct Announces its First Class of Hybrids

CUBA CITY, Wis. – Breeder Direct was launched in 2020 to provide seed companies with corn hybrids that demonstrate agronomic and yield consistency on less productive ground; the Lower 50% acres.  By selecting the right hybrid for the right acre at the right price, Breeder Direct allows seed companies and farmers more margin opportunity on less than perfect ground.  

The first class of germplasm delivers on that mission.

Ranging from 89 day to 115 day, the initial class is a diverse set of 12 hybrids from four unique originators.  Eleven of these hybrids are backed by finished units that enable their immediate introduction into a company’s lineup for the 2021 planting season and beyond.

“The strength of this initial class really speaks to the positive support received from germplasm originators and the depth of material that fits our target market.” said Marc Neuman, director of sales and product development for Breeder Direct.

The 2021 testing program for the 2022 advancements will cover 18 states with germplasm from at least 9 originators.

To learn more about how Breeder Direct can help your seed company generate more margin opportunity, contact Marc Neuman at or (402) 315-0224

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