Gro Alliance Creates Joint Venture for Nursery Services in Chile

CIS Semillas and Gro Alliance Create Joint Venture in Chile

SANTIAGO – CIS Semillas and Gro Alliance announce a joint venture to offer seed nursery services in Chile.  The joint venture, CIS Alliance, combines the expertise of CIS Semillas and Gro Alliance to create a leader in contract nursery solutions for row crops, cereals, oilseeds and vegetables.

CIS Alliance’s mission is to help enable the creation of the next generation of hybrids and varieties that produce more output using fewer resources on less land.  Its team of experienced breeders and technicians provide unique solutions and industry-leading communication to support some of the world’s most advanced breeding programs.

CIS Alliance’s services include, growouts, hand crossing, crossing blocks, yield trials, hand-pollinated increases and cages, for GMO and non-GMO projects.

“Breeders spend a significant amount of time, effort and money advancing the best varieties and hybrids possible.” said Nicholas Sahli, general manager for CIS Semillas.  “With CIS Alliance, you get a partner that cares about your work as much as you do.”

“What today’s breeders bring to life is truly amazing,” said Jim Schweigert, president of Gro Alliance.  “We’re proud to be part of an organization that helps breeders do what they do best across a wide range of crops.”

CIS Semillas will continue to offer seed production, and related services, in Chile, and Gro Alliance will continue to offer seed production and nursery services in the US.

Visit to learn more about how CIS Alliance can support your breeding efforts.

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