Delivering Trust Through Transparency

MySupply Live

Our Exclusive App

MySupply LIVE™, a proprietary app built by Gro Alliance, was launched for the 2013 crop year as the industry’s first tool for communicating contract seed corn production data to clients in real-time.

Data is collected by field scouts using iPhones and instantaneously shared with the internal field production staff at Gro Alliance, as well as production clients at

This commitment to full transparency creates an open and trustworthy relationship between Gro Alliance and its seed production clients that is unmatched.

Every activity from planting through harvest is recorded and reported in real-time, without a filter. Scouting locations and data are geo-located and time stamped to ensure data verification and confirm full-field coverage.


Seed Production

Seed Corn • Organic Seed • Soybean Seed • Locations

Field Operations

Gro Alliance combines the most modern seed corn production practices with real-time data analysis, field alerts and practical seedsmanship to deliver on its clients’ needs. We have an outstanding network of growers and custom operators that operate under our regimented system for ensuring purity and industry-leading seed quality. Our unique expertise includes: Male row offsets, 4:2 planting pattern, defoliation experience, wide planting splits, and more.

Drying through Packaging

Since 2002, Gro Alliance has made dryer system improvements at every location with major dryer system upgrades and expansions in 2012, 2013 and 2014. These improvements give Gro Alliance one of the most modern suites of dryers in the nation. This technology allows for precise temperature and air flow control to maximize seed quality, no matter how sensitive the hybrid. During the conditioning, treating and packaging processes, Gro Alliance uses the most modern cleaning, sorting, sizing and handling equipment available. Further, seed must pass exacting standards at every stage that are process-controlled using an ISO 9001:2008 certified system. It is this attention to detail, and commitment to quality, that produces precision sized seed with uniform treatment coating for the best appearance in the bag.

Gro Alliance partners with high-quality organic growers to deliver superior yield and quality organic seed corn.  By combining our growers’ experience in organic production and our expertise in seed corn production, Gro Alliance is well positioned to support your organic seed corn needs.

Gro Alliance offers organic seed corn production at both the Cuba City, WI and Howe, IN locations.

In 2016, Gro Alliance constructed a dedicated organic seed corn conditioning and packaging line in Cuba City to ensure industry-leading non-GMO purity.

Gro Alliance launched soybean seed production services in 2016 with the construction of soybean conditioning, treating and packaging at Mt Pulaski, IL and the purchase of a conditioning, treating and packaging facility in Breckenridge, MN. In 2018, The Leland, IA location was purchased.

Mt Pulaski is perfectly located in Central Illinois to offer field production of maturities from 2.7 to 4.7.

Breckenridge is located in the heart of one of the largest soybean seed production areas in the world with access to experience growers and capable of producing maturities ranging from 00 to 1.5.

Leland is in the heart of the fertile soils of North Iowa and Southern Minnesota. Soybeans ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 are perfectly suited for this environment.

All offer a wide range of treatment options and can package in true bulk, bulk boxes, bulk bags or paper bags.


Gro Alliance’s seed production locations represent three distinct seed corn and three distinct soybean seed environments.  This diversity is key to maximizing the productivity and yield predictability for all the hybrids and varieties in your lineup.

The Cuba City, WI location accesses highly fertile ground around Cuba City as well as De Witt, IA for high yield opportunity and the ability to produce very early hybrids (up to 70 day) with much less frost risk than more Northern and Western locations. The De Witt, IA growing area allows for later maturity production up to 112 day maturity.

The Howe, IN location accesses 100 percent irrigated ground in the Constantine, MI and Northern Indiana area that delivers consistent yield and maximizes production and quality of hybrids with poorer male inbreds or difficult-to-grow female inbreds. Maturities grown here range from 70 day to 120 day.

For soybeans, Mt Pulaski is perfectly suited for maturities between 2.7 and 4.7

Breckenridge, MN in located the heart of one of the world’s largest soybean seed production areas and covers earlier maturity varieties from 00 to 1.5

Leland is in the heart of the fertile soils of North Iowa and Southern Minnesota. Soybeans ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 are perfectly suited for this environment.

  • Cuba City, WI
    613 N Randolph St Cuba City, WI 53807
  • Howe, IN
    7075 N 475 E, Howe, IN 46746
  • Mount Pulaski, IL
    247 1500th Ave, Mount Pulaski, IL 62548
  • Breckenridge, MN
    520 5th St South, Breckenridge, MN 56520

Custom Breeding Services

US - Chile - Male Sterility

At the Mount Pulaski, IL facility, Gro Alliance offers a complete suite of foundation and nursery services. From inbred increases, to crossing blocks and pilot production, Gro Alliance can help you expand your breeding or testing program with a variety of foundation seed solutions. Our foundation team, led by Jim McCormick, has a wide range of experience in different endosperms including red, white, blue, purple, yellow, popcorn and sweet corn work.  In short, they have seen it all!

We can offer isolation distances up to 1320 feet from neighboring corn and have significant hand harvest experience.

Since the 2015 crop year, we have offered drip irrigation for crossing blocks, inbred increases, hand pollinations and other nursery related services.

Also in 2015, hybrid testing services were expanded to both the Cuba City, WI and Howe, IN locations.

CIS Alliance is a joint venture between Chile-based CIS Semillas and US-based Gro Alliance.  With this wealth of expertise and support, CIS Alliance offers industry-leading seed nursery services in row crops, cereals, oilseeds and vegetables in Chile.

CIS Alliance understands the importance of every seed.  Your breeders spend a significant amount of time, effort and money advancing the best varieties and hybrids possible.  You need a partner that values every single seed and cares about your nursery work as much as you do.

At CIS Alliance
“Every Seed Matters”

Since its acquisition of the Cutter CMS, LLC program in 2018, Gro Alliance has offered custom male sterility conversions for corn inbreds.

Gro Alliance uses the ig system for male sterile conversions, and its proprietary paternal haploid selection technique.  This combination allows a conversion of 100 percent of the nuclear genetic component in just two generations

Gro Alliance executes the male sterility conversion program in both the US and Chile to reduce time to market.

  • Cuba City, WI
    613 N Randolph St Cuba City, WI 53807
  • Howe, IN
    7075 N 475 E, Howe, IN 46746
  • Mount Pulaski, IL
    247 1500th Ave, Mount Pulaski, IL 62548
  • Breckenridge, MN
    520 5th St South, Breckenridge, MN 56520

About Gro Alliance

History • Leadership

Gro Alliance’s leadership teams combines individuals with diverse experiences from time at multinationals and family-owned companies. This diverse set of expertise and knowledge merges together to form a broad and cohesive skill set that helps Gro Alliance produce some of the highest quality seed in the industry, for some of the world’s most demanding organizations.



Founded by Gerald and Amelia Schweigert


Expanded drying with a coal-fired dryer


Increased drying and warehouse capacity

Field Production Photo


Constructed new single-pass reversing, propane-fired dryer and tripled capacity


Renovated and expanded conditioning, packaging and warehouse capacity


Lou and Sherri Schweigert purchase the company


Second conditioning, packaging and warehouse renovation and expansion


Expanded drying capacity


Purchased the Cuba City, WI facility from Mycogen and relocated company headquarters there


Expanded dryer capacity and renovated conditioning, packaging and treating capabilities


Purchased double-pass drying facility in Howe, IN

Gro Alliance Jobs


Constructed single-pass reversing dryer in Howe, IN


Added refuge-in-bag (RIB) packaging capabilities in Cuba City and expanded packaging capacity


Expanded drying and warehousing capacity in Cuba City, WI


Purchased Mount Pulaski, IL facility from Bo-Jac Seed Company


Expanded single-pass reversing drying capacity in Howe, IN and added warehousing


Purchased Breckenridge, MN soybean conditioning facility


Acquired Leland, IA soybean facility


Established Seed Nursery in Chile (CIS Alliance) and Acquired Male Sterility Conversion Technique


Launched Breeder Direct, LLC to Provide New Margin Opportunities for Seed Companies

Leadership Team

One of Gro Alliance’s strengths is the diverse set of experiences and perspectives among its leadership team. From backgrounds outside of the seed industry to production experience with both multinational and family-owned companies, Gro Alliance brings together a unique set of philosophies to guide strategic and operational decisions.

Account Managers

Gro Alliance’s account managers link the field production and facility operations teams with its clients. From details on packaging specs, communication of the crop status and anything else required for a smooth relationship, the account managers have it covered!

Meet Our Team

Jim Schweigert


Jim, a third-generation seedsman, is the president of Gro Alliance. Having worked for corporate public relations firms in Minneapolis, Chicago and Atlanta after growing up in the family seed business, Jim’s unique background and experience make him one of the seed industry’s leaders in innovation.

Jim was honored as the 2009 recipient of Seed World magazine’s “Future Giant” and served as the regional vice president to Canada for the executive board of the American Seed Trade Association from 2009-2015.

Jim is also the current 1st vice chair of ASTA and will serve as its president in 2022-2023

Jim has a BA in public relations from the University of Minnesota and an MS in seed technology and business from Iowa State.

Lou Schweigert


Since 1977, Lou has guided Gro Alliance’s strategic direction from the relocation to Cuba City in 1994 to the exiting of retail seed sales to focus 100 percent on contract production in 2003.
With a focus on quality and yield, Gro Alliance thrived during a period of intense industry consolidation to become the largest, family-owned contract seed corn production company in the U.S.

Lou was also honored as the chair of the Independent Professional Seed Association (IPSA).

Darrell Honn

Director, Operations

Coming from a facility operations background with both Growmark and Golden Seed Company, Darrell has brought a focus on efficiency and throughput to Gro Alliance as he serves as the direct report for Gro Alliance’s three production locations.
Darrell has a BA in Agronomy from the University of Illinois and an MBA from Iowa State University.

Troy Yard

Account Manager, Mount Pulaski, IL

Troy was raised in central Illinois on a corn and soybean farm. He joined Bo-Jac Seed in the production division in 2009. After Gro Alliance’s acquisition of Bo-Jac Seed Company in 2013, Troy became an account manager for Gro Alliance. As the plant in Mt. Pulaski underwent the transition from conditioning seed corn to soybeans in 2016-2017, he played a key role in the transformation of the facility.

As the plant in Mt. Pulaski continues to grow, Troy will work with his clients to provide the great service they expect from Gro Alliance.

Jay Brant

Finance Manager

Jay joined Gro Alliance after 13 years in the telecommunications industry. Having grown up on a dairy farm near Cuba City, Jay’s passion for agriculture drew him to Gro Alliance where he brings financial management strategies and budgeting expertise to help improve the company short and long-term financial management.
Jay has a BA in accounting from the University of Wisconsin at Platteville.

Jarrod Cowan

Nursery Services Site Lead

Jarrod brings nearly 20 years of nursery experience to the Mount Pulaski, IL nursery station.  His expertise spans multiple corn endosperm types including popcorn, sweet corn and dent corn.  It’s this diverse background that allows Jarrod to develop unique solutions for clients from around the world.

Jarrod and his wife, Kelly, are parents to daughter Kaylee and son Grady.

When he isn’t in the nursery or chasing his kids around, Jarrod enjoys deer hunting and spending time outdoors.



Jim McCormick

Foundation Seed Manager, Mount Pulaski, IL

Jim has more than 30 years of foundation seed experience and has worked with multiple corn endosperm types, including popcorn, white, blue and purple. His knowledge and experience helps Gro Alliance develop unique win-win solutions for companies looking for nursery and breeding services.

Jim earned a BS in ag economics and farm management from the University of Illinois.

John Endsley

Director, Soybean Division

John joined Gro Alliance in 2016 after 30 years of seed industry experience and more than 15 years of soybean production and location management experience with Monsanto.  John previously served as the site manager for both Monsanto’s Stonington, Ill. and Mason City, Ill. soybean seed facilities where he was instrumental in overseeing seed production for the commercial launches of both Roundy Ready 2 Yield and Roundup Ready 2 XtendTM soybeans.

John holds a BS in production agriculture from Illinois State University.


Jeff Block

Organic Seed Division Manager

Jeff joined Gro Alliance in 2016 and brings more than ten years of organic seed experience in a variety of crops and a true commitment to generating the best yields and quality in an organic production system.

Prior to joining Gro Alliance, Jeff was a member of the sweet corn breeding research team at HM.Clause and adds additional breeding knowledge to Gro Alliance’s expanding custom corn breeding and nursery services business.

Jeff earned a BS in horticulture from Texas Tech University.

Steve Wilberding

Account Manager

Steve has been with Gro Alliance since 2009 and has served as an account manager since 2012. Steve’s experience and knowledge in the seed industry runs deep. Not only did his family raise seed for Jacques Seed Company, but he also worked for Jacques in Cuba City in both field production and facility roles for 16 years.

With this strong background, Steve is able to ensure that all details, from production scheduling to packaging specifications, are covered for his clients. Internally, Steve is known as a process expert and provides internal leadership to the production specialists at each location.

Jeff Skemp

Client Operations Manager

Jeff joined Gro Alliance in 2012 after working in corporate sales for Land’s End and has served as an account manager since 2013.  Having been a two-time All-American in basketball for University of Wisconsin-Platteville, Jeff knows the value of focus and preparation and applies those principles in building unique solutions and business strategies for each of the clients he works with.

In the seed industry, Jeff serves on the education committee for the Independent Professional Seed Association and is the chair of the education committee for the American Seed Trade Association’s Future Seed Executive (FuSE) Committee.

He has a bachelor’s degree in business administration management and a master’s in project management, both from University of Wisconsin-Platteville.

Glen Tollefson

Site Lead, Breckenridge, MN

Prior to joining Gro Alliance, Glen spent more than 27 years with DuPont Pioneer and was the production location manager at its Wahpeton, ND soybean seed facility.  While at DuPont Pioneer, Glen was instrumental in converting the location from a wheat and small grains conditioning plant to one of the largest soybean seed facilities in North America

Glen brings this wealth of experience and knowledge in soybean production to Gro Alliance, as well as his love of time on the lake!

He earned his degree from North Dakota State College of Science and lives in nearby Wahpeton, ND.

Brian Bormann

Site Lead, Leland, IA

Brian’s 32 years of seed industry experience started at Pioneer Hi-Bred where he spent 28 years in research, agronomy and facility management in Florida, Nebraska, Michigan, Oregon and Iowa.

His mix of site leadership and agronomic skills, coupled with a combination of global and independent company experience makes him an ideal fit with the Gro Alliance team and our clients.

Brian and his wife Jeana live in Algona, IA and are busy parents to two boys (Grant and Kyle) and a girl (Kelle) who are active in sports.  He enjoys coaching baseball, yard work and woodworking and holds a BA in agricultural business from Iowa State University.

Marc Neuman

Director, Nursery Services and Business Development

Marc is an industry veteran with a wide-ranging career path starting in corn genetics licensing and originator relationships with GreenLeaf Genetics.  He then was the Seed Division Manager with Titan Pro and most recently the COO of Rob-See-Co.

Marc brings this diverse experience to Gro Alliance to support the continued growth of our nursery business both in the US and in Chile through our joint venture, CIS Alliance.

Marc, his wife Shawn and two daughters (Allison and Emily) live in Omaha, NE.  Marc holds a BS and MS from the University of Minnesota.

Victoria Toney

Lead Nursery Technician (Howe) and Account Administrator

Victoria’s seed industry career started at DuPont Pioneer where she worked on the maize product development team and in various research roles in Constantine, Michigan.  She also worked at the soils testing lab at Michigan State while she was an undergrad, so she’s (literally) seen the industry from the ground up!

Her experience enabled Gro Alliance to expand its nursery services in Howe to more independent seed corn breeders.  She allows helps support seed corn production clients as an account administrator during the packaging season.

Victoria holds a BA in agricultural science from Oregon State University and a commercial horticulture operations certificate from Michigan State University.


  • Cuba City, WI
    613 N Randolph St Cuba City, WI 53807
  • Howe, IN
    7075 N 475 E, Howe, IN 46746
  • Mount Pulaski, IL
    247 1500th Ave, Mount Pulaski, IL 62548
  • Breckenridge, MN
    520 5th St South, Breckenridge, MN 56520